University of Akron
MascotZipsStadiumInfoCision Stadium
LocationAkron, OHStadium Capacity    27,881
Stadium SurfaceProGrass
Athletic Director
ConferenceMid-AmericanHead CoachTom Arth
DivisionEastHC Seasons2
HC Record1-17
Major RivalsKent State, Youngstown StateHighest AP Finishn/a
Akron Football Seasons and Bowl Results
YearCoachConfWLTConf FinishWLTBowl/PlayoffAP Poll
1891No coach130
1892Frank Cook340
1893John Heisman520
1894John Heisman1006
1895No coach320
1896Harry Wilson010
1899Archie Eves210
1900No coach231
1902Forest Firestone250
1903Rev. Alfred Place020
1908Dr. Dwight Bradley340
1909Clarence Weed440
1910Frank Haggerty720
1911Frank Haggerty341
1912Frank Haggerty521
1913Frank Haggerty34011
1914Frank Haggerty441
1915Fred SeftonOhio Athletic171160
1916Fred SeftonOhio Athletic270240
1917Fred SeftonOhio Athletic530310
1918Fred SeftonOhio Athletic221121
1919Fred SeftonOhio Athletic611511
1920Fred SeftonOhio Athletic440240
1921Fred SeftonOhio Athletic530430
1922Fred SeftonOhio Athletic530530
1923Fred SeftonOhio Athletic431231
1924James ColemanOhio Athletic530320
1925James ColemanOhio Athletic170160
1926George BabcockOhio Athletic52242216
1927Red BlairOhio Athletic530430
1928Red BlairOhio Athletic53034010
1929Red BlairOhio Athletic910710
1930Red BlairOhio Athletic710510
1931Red BlairOhio Athletic170070
1932Red BlairOhio Athletic243142
1933Red BlairOhio Athletic531521
1934Red BlairOhio Athletic341340
1935Red BlairOhio Athletic630630
1936James AikenIndependent621
1937James AikenIndependent720
1938James AikenIndependent630
1939Thomas DowlerIndependent540
1940Thomas DowlerIndependent25223
1941Otis DouglasIndependent53116
1942Otis DouglasIndependent072
1946Paul BaldacciIndependent540
1947Paul BaldacciIndependent270
1948William HoughtonOhio Athletic260140
1949William HoughtonOhio Athletic261031
1950William HoughtonOhio Athletic270130
1951William HoughtonOhio Athletic180130
1952Red CochraneOhio Athletic261221
1953Red CochraneOhio Athletic630420
1954Joe McMullenOhio Athletic350340
1955Joe McMullenOhio Athletic620620
1956Joe McMullenOhio Athletic351351
1957Joe McMullenOhio Athletic711611
1958Joe McMullenOhio Athletic621620
1959Joe McMullenOhio Athletic450430
1960Joe McMullenOhio Athletic180160
1961Gordon LarsonOhio Athletic620610
1962Gordon LarsonOhio Athletic720710
1963Gordon LarsonOhio Athletic630520
1964Gordon LarsonOhio Athletic630430
1965Gordon LarsonOhio Athletic53141022
1966Gordon LarsonIndependent630
1967Gordon LarsonIndependent4410
1968Gordon LarsonIndependent731L 13–33 Grantland Rice Bowl0
1969Gordon LarsonIndependent9100
1970Gordon LarsonIndependent7300
1971Gordon LarsonIndependent8200
1972Gordon LarsonIndependent3420
1973Jim DennisonIndependent6500
1974Jim DennisonDiv II Ind5500
1975Jim DennisonDiv II Ind7400
1976Jim DennisonDiv II Ind10300
1977Jim DennisonDiv II Ind6410
1978Jim DennisonMid-Continent4100
1979Jim DennisonMid-Continent3200
980Jim DennisonOhio Valley3715th2410
1981Jim DennisonOhio Valley550T-4th4400
1982Jim DennisonOhio Valley6202nd5200
1983Jim DennisonOhio Valley830T-2nd5200
1984Jim DennisonOhio Valley4706th2500
1985Jim DennisonOhio Valley840T-2nd520L I-AA First Round0
1986Gerry FaustOhio Valley760T-3rd4300
1987Gerry FaustDiv I-A Indp4700
1988Gerry FaustDiv I-A Indp5600
1989Gerry FaustDiv I-A Indp5600
1990Gerry FaustDiv I-A Indp3710
1991Gerry FaustDiv I-A Indp5600
1992Gerry FaustMAC731T-3rd5300
1993Gerry FaustMAC5605th4400
1994Gerry FaustMAC11009th1800
1995Lee OwensMAC290T-7th2600
1996Lee OwensMAC470T-7th3500
1997Lee OwensMAC2906th (East)2600
1998Lee OwensMAC4705th (East)2600
1999Lee OwensMAC740T-3rd (East)5300
2000Lee OwensMAC650T-1st (East)5300
2001Lee OwensMAC470T-4th (East)4400
2002Lee OwensMAC4805th (East)3500
2003Lee OwensMAC7503rd (East)5300
2004J. D. BrookhartMAC6502nd (East)6200
2005J. D. BrookhartMAC760T-1st (East)530L 38–31 Motor City Bowl0
2006J. D. BrookhartMAC570T-3rd (East)3500
2007J. D. BrookhartMAC4806th (East)3500
2008J. D. BrookhartMAC570T-4th (East)3500
2009J. D. BrookhartMAC3905th (East)2600
2010Rob IanelloMAC11106th (East)1700
2011Rob IanelloMAC11107th (East)0800
2012Terry BowdenMAC11107th (East)0800
2013Terry BowdenMAC5704th (East)4400
2014Terry BowdenMAC570T-4th (East)3500
2015Terry BowdenMAC850T-2nd (East)530W 23–21 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl0
2016Terry BowdenMAC570T-3rd (East)3500
2017Terry BowdenMAC7701st (East)620L 3–50 Boca Raton Bowl0
2018Terry BowdenMAC480T-4th (East)2600
2019Tom ArthMAC01206th (East)0800
2020Tom ArthMAC1505th (East)150
TOTALS51855835246279131-3 Bowls, 0-1 I-AA Playoffs
Akron Statistical Leaders
Passing AttemptsCharlie Frye2001-20041436
Pass CompletionsCharlie Frye2001-2004913
Passing YardsCharlie Frye2001-200411,049
Compl % (Min 500 att)Charlie Frye2001-200463.6%
Passing TouchdownsCharlie Frye2001-200464
InterceptionsCharlie Frye, Tommy Woodson32
Pass Eff Rate (Min 500 att)Charlie Frye2001-2004138.5
Rushing AttemptsJawon Chisholm2011-2014701
Rushing YardsJawon Chisholm2011-20143,403
Rush Yds Per Att (min 300 carries)Greg Lomax1995-19985.4
Rushing TouchdownsBrandon Payne1999-200239
ReceptionsJabari Arthur2004-2007184
Receiving YardsJabari Arthur2004-20072,653
Receiving TouchdownsLavel Bailey1997-200021
Yards Per Recp (min 100 recp)Lavel Bailey1997-200018.7
Plays from ScrimmageJawon Chisholm2011-2014786
Yards From ScrimmageJawon Chisholm2011-20144,085
Touchdowns From ScrimmageBrandon Payne1999-200242
Extra Points MadeRobert Stein2012-2015130
Field Goals MadeRobert Stein2012-201546
Akron Coaches
Coach NameWLTPctYears
Frank Cook340      0.4291892
John Heisman620      0.7501893–94
No Coach681      0.4001895, 1900
Harry Wilson010            –   1896
Archie Eves210      0.6671899
Forest Firestone250      0.2861902
Alfred W. Place020            –   1903
Dwight Bradley340      0.4291908
Clarence Weed440      0.5001909
Frank Haggerty22163      0.5371910–14
Fred Sefton34334      0.4791915–23
James W. Coleman6100      0.3751924–25
George Babcock522      0.5561926
Red Blair43295      0.5581927–35
Jim Aiken1971      0.7041936–38
Thomas Dowler792      0.3891939–40
Otis Douglas5103      0.2781941–42
Paul Baldacci7110      0.3891946–47
William Houghton7271      0.2001948–51
Kenneth Cochrane891      0.4441952–53
Joe McMullen30283      0.4921954–60
Gordon K. Larson74335      0.6611961–72
Jim Dennison75522      0.5811973–85
Gerry Faust42572      0.4161986–94
Lee Owens40610      0.3961995–2003
J. D. Brookhart30420      0.4172004–09
Rob Ianello2220      0.0832010–11
Terry Bowden35520      0.4022012–2018
Tom Arth1170      0.0562019–present
Akron Conference Championships
ConferenceYearOvr RecConf RecCoach
MAC20057-65-3J.D. Brookhart
Akron Divisional Championships
Conference/DivisionYearOvr RecConf RecCoachChamp Game Result
MAC/East (tie)20006-55-1Lee Ownes
MAC/East (tie)20057-65-3J.D. Brookhart(W) over NIU 31-30
MAC/East20177-76-2Terry Bowden(L) to SDSU 24-27
Akron Team Records
Team RecordMetricYearNotes
Most Wins Season101976Jim Dennison
Most Losses Season122019Tom Arth
Points Scored (Season)435200513 Games (Avg. 33.5)
Points Allowed (Season)462201112 Games (Avg 38.5)
Points Scored (Game)669/15/12(W) 66-6 over Morgan State
Points Allowed (Game)7710/14/95(L) 27-77 to Virginia Tech
Largest Margin of Victory629/11/83(W) 66-4 over Western Reserve (OH)
Largest Margin of Defeat6910/31/14(L) 6-75 to Michigan State